Kirsten Hillard

I hate the rich spoiled brats who think they don’t have to get a job because mommy and daddy are rich and pay for everything. I have a privileged lifestyle as well and since I was born, thanks to mommy and daddy but I also work. And I don’t ask my mom for a penny. My dad died so I can’t ask him for nothing. You brats need to stop being lazy and get a damn job. One day mommy and daddy are gonna cut your ass off and you’re gonna be fucked.

And don’t flaunt your money around people who struggle. That’s pathetic. When a friend asks to burrow money from me I’m more than happy to help them out. And if they try to pay me back I either tell them dont worry about it or to stove it up their ass (depends on who I’m talking to. My best friends and I talk to each other like that all the time the stove it up your ass part, so don’t worry, that’s why we’re best friends). I’m not gonna take money from someone who struggles everyday and really needs it.

And just because I have friends on food stamps and other assistance doesn’t mean they are lazy. A lot can’t get jobs these days, no matter how hard they try. A lot ot those people on food stamps work everyday and really hard and still can’t put food on the table. They have bills to pay, a mortgage, kids to take care of. Put yourself in their shoes before you judge them. And at least try to help them out in some way. I let my friends who have no food come over and eat my food. I don’t care. I was raised better than some privileged twits these days. I try to help people with my money.

I just watched Dr. Dolittle… one of my favs. Those animals are crazy. I love the monkey that’s a alcoholic. That seems like a cool gift to have. To talk to animals.

Of course Nick Cannon lied when he said Mariah Carey didn’t know who Kim K was. Everyone knows who Kim is. My great grandma kmows who Kim Kardashian is. My 4 year old brother knows who she is. I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish by saying she didn’t know Kim existed, but whateves.

Beyonce has a handful of songs that are about sex and people bitch and moan about it. Whoop de fucking do. They are just about sex. I’m sure all the people bitching are sexually frustrated virgins who can’t get any at all. Get over it. She’s not the first to sing about sex. It’s not THAT big of a deal.

People constantly say the kardashians are useless but the most useless “celebrity” is Joan Rivers. What the fuck is she famous for besides talking shit and saying horrible things about other people and calling innocent babies ugly. It’s really sad. I wish she would go away. I can tolerate the kardashians but joan rivers is just horrendous.

I’m at walmart and I see a dude wearing a tshirt that says “CSI: Can’t Stand Idiots” … i want that shirt.

My juicer I bought off Amazon came. Since all I drink is either water or juice gonna start making my juice homemade. Thats all my daughter drinks too is juice or water. Trying to keep me and my kids as healthy as possible. No more soda or coffee for me.



Just a little FYI I don’t drug my oldest daughter Aubree to get her to sleep with prescription sleeping pills, I give her Melatonin at the recommendation of her pediatrician. Besides I get Melatonin with the vitamims. No prescription needed, I only give her half a pill, I cut them in half. Just because I crush it into powder and put it in her juice doesn’t mean shit. You have to give it to them anyway they’ll take it. I’m not the only mother who uses Melatonin. When you have kids who don’t want to sleep Melatonin is your BFF.

Hint: If you decide to use Melatonin mix it with their juice not milk. I tried milk once and it diluted it. Made it completely useless.

I’d never give my children something that’d hurt them.

I only give it to her at night and she goes right to sleep. I’m not abuses the gift that is Melatonin like some mothers do. A lot give it to their children throughout the day just so they’ll sleep and they don’t have to put up with their kid. I on the other hand love raising my children and playing and cuddling with them. And “putting up with them”.