Kirsten Hillard

My friend has a pit bull and he’s the sweetest pit ever. Loves children. Loves to be around people. Just a sweet dog. And her neighbor shot him in the back because he was a pit bull. Luckly the dog is okay and will live. Its so sad to discriminate against a dog because of its breed.

Seriously I wish I had Brandi Rhodes hair. It always looks so perfect.

So I should’ve posted this sooner but I just now got around to it. When Joffery died, I laughed. But I wasn’t surprised either. I knew it was coming. That’s what he gets for killing Ned. (Why does Sean Bean die in 98% of the movies he plays in. The only movie I’ve seen where he didn’t die was when he played on Silent Hill.)





is masturbating while smoking weed called masturblazing 

no its called highjacking

guys no it’s weedwhacking

no its called dissapointing ur mother

Could this get anymore accurate?

Could this get anymore accurate?

I just watched Dr. Dolittle… one of my favs. Those animals are crazy. I love the monkey that’s a alcoholic. That seems like a cool gift to have. To talk to animals.

Of course Nick Cannon lied when he said Mariah Carey didn’t know who Kim K was. Everyone knows who Kim is. My great grandma kmows who Kim Kardashian is. My 4 year old brother knows who she is. I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish by saying she didn’t know Kim existed, but whateves.

Beyonce has a handful of songs that are about sex and people bitch and moan about it. Whoop de fucking do. They are just about sex. I’m sure all the people bitching are sexually frustrated virgins who can’t get any at all. Get over it. She’s not the first to sing about sex. It’s not THAT big of a deal.

People constantly say the kardashians are useless but the most useless “celebrity” is Joan Rivers. What the fuck is she famous for besides talking shit and saying horrible things about other people and calling innocent babies ugly. It’s really sad. I wish she would go away. I can tolerate the kardashians but joan rivers is just horrendous.