Kirsten Hillard

Tom Hiddleston is such an amazing guy. Why can’t all men be like him and not fucktards. He thinks you should treat your lady friend with respect and like a princess. Not a damn maid and personal chef. Tom has restored my faith in guys. There are good GENTLEMEN out there. You know what I mean ladies.

And I was a little upset they banned his commercial. The commercial wasn’t that bad. Jeez, what they gonna Fast & Furious because that really promotes dangerous driving.

Hey I thought the commercial was sexy and good. But I’m 100% sure all Tom fans did. Guys and girls.

I’ve had two dogs die in literally one week. It sucks. I loved them. And they were brother and sister pit bulls that I saved when they were puppies because the crack whore who had them before me let them get sick and so skinny you could see their bones and they were only babies when they went off the momma’s milk obviously. And I gave her a ride to take them to the vet and even paid for the visit and medicine (I’ll do anything for animals, obviously. Them and kids are just so precious and innocent) and called her a few days later to check up on them and she wasn’t taken care of them, not giving them their medicine and they were dying. So I told her to give me the dogs and I’ll take care of them and not neglect them. The bitch had the nerve to try and sell me the dogs. Uh, no bitch I paid for the vet visit and the medicine. Needless to say, I got them for free and they were named Roxi and Zeus (courtesy of said crack whore), and I nursed them back to health myself. And they started to grow into two beautiful, pain in the ass dogs who loved to roll my house with toilet paper. They were even fully grown and this week suddenly they both died. Zeus first then Roxi. And I can’t explain why. They were fine one day and the next they died :(. They came into this world together they left together. Kind of.

It sucks when pets die. They aren’t just your pets. They become your kids. Part of your family. Your babies. And then you get your heart broken when they die. Unless you are the scum of the earth that abuses and neglects your animals and don’t care if they die. Seriously why get pets if you aren’t gonna love and cherish them, but abuse and neglect them and treat them like crap?? Those people are the next to pond scum on the worthless scale as far as I’m concerned. Same goes with child molester and abusers.


Pets Losing the Battle With Human Furniture: Human furniture is weird. It’s all right angles and arm rests with lots of cushions in the way. Why? Because watching pets trying to make sense out of it is hilarious.


Pets Losing the Battle With Human Furniture: Human furniture is weird. It’s all right angles and arm rests with lots of cushions in the way. Why? Because watching pets trying to make sense out of it is hilarious.

People calling Kate Upton a fat slut.

Kate is not fat. She’s beautiful. Like all girls. If Kate is fat than so am I because I’m like literally the same size as her (except I have smaller boobs) :’( oh well.

And how is she a slut? You don’t know her personally. Is it because she poses nude sometimes or in bikinis or whatever. She’s a model and is obviously confident with her body. A lot of girls pose like that and are not sluts. And a lot of guys sit there and call her slut yet that’s what they wanna see and jack off to it.

Off, topic but, I wish I had her boobs. Hey, all girls do this. They see a gorgeous female like Kate or some random on the street and think I wish I had her [insert body part or whatever here]…. And if you say you don’t you are lying.

Kate Upton gives me a lady boner.

Why are people sending Elliot Rodger’s little sister and brother death threats? What their insane brother did had nothing to do with them. They had no control over that lunatic.

Stop blaming everyone and everything else for what that psychopath did. He was a 22 year old adult. He knew what he was doing. Hell he planned it out for like 2 years. No one is to blame but him.

I’m glad he never had a girl. He probably would have abused the fuck out of the poor thing and was extremely controlling. He probably would have murdered her and her entire family if she tried to leave him.

Just leave his siblings alone. They didn’t do anything. His brother is just a kid. And you retards are sending death threats to a child!! You are just as stupid, insane and pathetic than their brother was.

I read his stupid little “manifesto” and that boy was stupid and smart at the same time.

My dog passed away today. I went to go pick up his medicine so he wouldn’t die and as I was walking through the door with his medicine he died. :( I’m gonna miss him.

Rip Zeus

Can it be 12:00 already please. The vets don’t open until then I need to take my dog to the vet. He’s really sick and I’m scared he’s dying. And it’s only 9:58.

What pisses me off the most about the whole Elliot Rodger situation is guys are all blaming girls saying they never give good guys a chance and go for douche bags when guys do the exact same thing. I’ve seen countless time guys not going for the good girls because the girls didn’t fit their standards and the guys want the hot model type. Guys are being such hypocrites. You do the same thing. There is no one to blame for Elliot’s vile actions than Elliot. No one else. Stop playing the blame game. I don’t care if you don’t agree. But that’s the truth. And I don’t give a fuck if he was mentally ill or not he is still responsible for it no one else.

Okay I don’t agree with what the hoe did because I am against hunting especially endangered animals but can we please stop talking about Kendall Jones… She’s getting old now.